Artist: Estelle Jullian

Space: San Xoán do Alto

Project: “28,7 Km”

“It is a participative action that invites us to reflect on the importance of linen in our textile traditions, and on women’s role in manufacturing it. The subtlety of the piece’s materialization truly sets it apart.”


Susana González, member of the jury of the First Annual Connexio Awards.

“28,7 Km’, by Estelle Jullian (Project in San Xoán do Alto).

Estelle Jullian’s project represents a stretch of the Camino Primitivo in the form of a linen thread wrapped around one of the vestibule columns of the church of San Xoán do Alto.


The thread measures exactly 28.7 km (17.8 miles), which is the distance between the churches of Santa María de Gondar and San Pedro de Mera, i.e. the itinerary of the Connexio Awards. The column, wrapped tightly in pure linen thread, is thereby transformed into an enormous spindle.


As part of the project, Estelle walked the 28.7 km, as if it were an actual stage of the Camino de Santiago.

By bringing together themes like the Camino, thread, linen, columns and spindles, the project aims to reveal connections between seemingly disparate elements, offering a new reading situated poetically in a public space that is also a historical, religious and architectural heritage site. Estelle Jullian

Estelle Jullian (Aviñón, Francia)

Estelle Jullian (Avignon, France) lives and works in Valencia. Her practice deals with fields ranging from art and architecture to ecology and participation. She is interested in the processes of developing inclusive tools that take the shape of workshops, community-based projects and exhibitions, where space is understood from a social and cultural perspective. Her interest in contemporary spatial practices and in the environment has led her to take an experimental approach to the examination of urban and rural spaces.


In addition to her experience as an architect, as an artist she has worked on projects such as Sedimentos, May Your Rice Never Burn, Arxiu Convent, Acciones Extra-Ordinarias, 23,5/Máquinas simples, Relecture and Participa Reina. She has shown her work at venues such as Art Genève, Galería Blanca Soto (Madrid), the Embassy of Foreign Artists (Geneva), Matadero (Madrid), and CCCC (Valencia).