San Pedro de Mera

San Pedro de Mera (San Pedro)

Parish church. The earliest reference to the church dates from a 1078 inventory of the municipal limits of Lugo. It is a modern stonework construction with a belfry perched atop the facade.


It is built in a simple baroque style typical of the Galician countryside. Apart from Saint Peter, Saint Silvester also has a long history of devotion in this parish, which explains why his image can also be found inside the church.


The rectangular nave has doors topped with lintels in the facade and in the right side wall. The rectangular main chapel has a round triumphal arch, and an adjoining sacristy on the left side. There are unremarkable sculptures of Saint Peter (0.80), Saint Silvester (0.50) and Saint Lucy (0.30), from the eighteenth/nineteenth centuries.


Texts © JMGR José Manuel González Reboredo / Inventario artístico de Lugo y su provincia. (English translation © Ayuntamiento de Lugo)

San Pedro de Mera

XVIII- XIX Century


San Pedro de Abaixo, Mera. 27233 Lugo


42º 57' 29.0" N - 7º 43' 04.9" W

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